This Strategy Will Make You Market Leader

In their book the discipline of market leaders (from 1997) presents the authors Michael Treacy and Fred Wiedermann a strategic planning tool designed to help companies succeed in becoming the market leader. This is based on conclusions drawn from a three-year long...

What Is Google Display Network

  Google Display Network (GDN) is the world’s largest advertising network. This network covers 89% of all Internet users. The reason why this network is so large, is its extensive network of affiliated websites. If you have a website, you have the...

AdWords And Advertising In Google SERP

AdWords is the overall term for the advertising system Google uses to display ads in search results and on Google’s Display Network including YouTube. This is an opportunity to get your products / services displayed on the search results page of Google, for...

Specialized in SEO, Adwords and Data Analytics

I help companies and brands with optimum utilization of sales & marketing activities through SEO, Adwords and data analytics (BtB & BtC).

SEO, Adwords & Web Analysis

 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


With my skills in SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) I ensure that your website is visible in search results for the keywords your target audience uses. This ensures you will be visible at the exact moment your target audience are looking for your products, services and / or brand. This means that performance measures such as units sold (eg. Goods or services), brand awareness, market share, customer loyalty and lead generation increases – so the whole project / campaign will have a positive ROI. I do this through:

✔   Link Bulding (internal & external)
✔   Content Creation and Marketing  
✔   On-site Technical Optimization (Server, Meta Data, Rich Snippets, Code Validation etc.)
✔  On-page optimization (keyword analysis, text optimization, flow optimization and analysis, lead time and lead generation)
✔  Conversion Optimization (landing page A / B split testing)


 Google Adwords Advertising


Get your ads to appear when consumers search for keywords related to your products or services in Google by using Adwords. By using Adwords, you ensure your ads are displayed to potential customers at the time they are looking for your products or services. By having a well structured and optimized Adwords account that run campaigns with ad groups, that are tailored to the segments of your target audience, I ensure that you get the most out of your ad groups. Are you working with me I make sure  that not a penny is wasted. I do this by:

✔   Selection of keywords based on your products and your strategy
✔   Build and handling of accounts and campaigns
✔   Development and ongoing optimization of ads
✔   Integration with Google Business and Google Analytics
✔   Performance measurement and reporting
✔   Continuous optimization  
✔   Adwords Consulting

15 + 3 =

Data Analytics


I possess the skills to analyze and translate the opportunities of the collected data (data analytics), for productive marketing and sales activities. This means that web analytics translate the amount of data to operational facts that describe the segments of the target audience. I have the skills to implement, develop and execute on a tactical action plan consisting of data collected through the Internet and digital platforms, including:

✔   Mapping of objectives and KPIs.
✔   Installing and setting up Google Analytics
✔   Consulting in web analytics
✔   Power measurement and configuration of dashboards and reporting structures
✔   Segment and target group analysis
✔   A/B Testing and Split Testing


  • SEO 72%
  • Google Adwords 52%
  • Data Analytics 41%


Subjective assessment of my own abilities within SEO, Adwords & Analytics. The assessment must be understood against the background of an exponential function, where the high level of competence (quantitatively and qualitatively) is obtained by the investing in research over time. Why null percentage is defined as a novice and 100 percent absolute expert.